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Early Stage East's Bio-Life-Tech 2003 Applicant Information

Early Stage East is proud to announce that the following companies have been accepted for the 2003 Bio-Life-Tech Conference!

20/20 GeneSystems Inc. is a Maryland biotechnology company utilizing innovative protein identification technologies for profiling diseases.

Acceptys, Inc. is a therapeutic company from New York that is focused on the development to human monoclonal antibody therapies for cancer and infectious diseases.

Aciont Inc. is a therapeutic company from Utah commercializing non-invasive and controlled release drug delivery systems for sight threatening diseases.

Acuity Pharmaceuticals is a Pennsylvania based pharmaceutical company that develops treatments for degenerative diseases of the retina.

Advanced Vision Therapies, Inc. is a Maryland gene therapy company developing state-of-the-art gene transfer systems to treat ocular diseases.

AthenaBio Incorporated is a therapeutics company from Delaware which implements proprietary technologies to serve the pharmaceutical and industrial chemical markets.

Avatar Biotechnologies, Inc. is a New Jersey based biotechnology company innovating novel di-tyrosine technologies that reduce imunogenicity and improve bioavailabilty.

BIOSoftware Systems, Inc. is a bioinformatics company from New Jersey that provides a total integrated solution in modeling and simulating biological networks and pathways to pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as academic institutions.

Cary Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a Virginia based therapeutics company that identifies and develops proprietary pharmaceutical products for the smoking cessation market.

Chaperone Technologies, Inc. is a therapeutics company in Pennsylvania that is developing novel antimicrobials, antifungals and antiparsitics that target multi-drug resistant organisms across a broad range of infectious diseases.

ContraVac, Inc. is a Virginia based diagnostics company that develops diagnostic and therapeutic products for reproductive health.

Cylex Inc. is a diagnostics company from Maryland developing blood testing methods for measuring immunity to and monitoring of infectious diseases, cancer, autoimmunity and transplantations.

CytoTools, Inc. is a Washington, D.C. based company developing innovative products for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and wound healing.

Easy Walking, Inc. is a device company from Pennsylvania engaged in the development, production and marketing of innovative durable medical products used for physical rehabilitation.

Expression Pathology, Inc. is a Maryland biotechnology company that develops products that enable accurate, high-throughput analysis of proteins in human tissue.

geneRx+ is a Delaware based gene therapy company developing proprietary proteins for anti-inflammatory or vasodilatory genes delivered for expression over fixed periods of time without possibility of affecting germ cells.

GlucoLight Corporation is a diagnostic company in Pennsylvania developing a low-cost non-invasive blood glucose monitor for home use by diabetic patients.

Glyconix Corp. is a New York enabling technology company that uses a proprietary process to create drugs with unique and enhanced properties by chemically binding small sugar molecules to both novel and existing pharmaceuticals.

Hamilton Thorne Biosciences, Inc. is a biobased products company in Massachusetts that develops and sells ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-high speed healthcare devices and assays.

Immune Control Inc. is a Pennsylvania based drug development and discovery company commercializing a novel small molecule approach to immune suppression using a small molecule antagonists of serotonin receptors.

MacroArray Technologies, Inc. is a Pennsylvania based proteomics company developing more efficient and effective technology to rapidly identify and develop novel therapeutics and diagnostic markers focusing on cancer.

Maxcyte is an enabling and platform technology company in Maryland that is commercializing its novel cell loading technology that utilizes their exclusive continuous flow electroporation system.

MedSonics US, Inc. is a New York based devices company that is developing and will commercialize a lightweight, portable and low-cost line of nightly versatile non-invasive ultrasound diagnostic devices.

Peptide Technologies Corporation is a proteomics company in Maryland that provides custom peptide synthesis to the research market and related analytical services.

Phoenix S&T;, Inc. is a Maryland device company that is developing a nanospray chip for mass spectrometry of protein fragments and other small molecules.

PolyMedix, Inc. is a Pennsylvania based therapeutics company focused on treating the underlying causes of diseases by developing novel therapeutic drugs, oligomers as not-peptide protein mimetics, for membrane and protein targets.

RETT Corporation is a Massachusetts based enabling technology company that screens complex compound libraries, such as small molecule libraries, phage display libraries, and natural product extract libraries to find novel drug leads that can form the basis for new classes of therapies.

Sequella, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company in Maryland focused on the control of global infectious diseases, with their first focus on tuberculosis.

Vincogen Corporation is a Pennsylvania based platform technology company developing a novel RF ID microchip platform for biomedical researchers, physicians and veterinarians.

VIRxSYS Corporation is a Maryland based biotechnology company focused on the development of novel genetic medicines and vaccines for the treatment and management of serious infectious diseases and cancer.

Yaupon Therapeutics, Inc. is a Pennsylvania based plant made medicine company that discovers and develops small molecule pharmaceuticals derived from natural products focusing on CNS and cancer diseases.

To see these companies make their eight-minute presentations and visit their exhibit booths, register now for the Bio-life-Tech Conference!

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